Old Texas Wood specializes in reclaiming wood flooring salvaged from homes and buildings that are scheduled for demolition. We gather the wood, remove nails, inspect for quality, and prepare the boards for reuse in new homes, cabins, and historical buildings.

Antique wood is a rare and limited resource rich in character and historical charm. Recycled wood is an environmentally responsible option for those concerned with preserving our cherished woodlands for generations to come. Most of our materials are salvaged from buildings constructed around the turn of the century, utilizing old growth lumber milled over a hundred years ago. This includes Antique Oak, Pine, Maple, Pecan and Walnut. That means that no new trees are lost in the process.

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Antique Pine

Antique Pine

Antique Pine Pricing Guide:

Antique Naily Pine, 3”-5”- 7” X 5/8”, 3-11’ lengths, remilled/unfinished – $3.50/sq. ft

Antique Pine Ship Lap, lap/gap, 7-9” X 3/4”, 3’-11’ length – $3.50/sq. ft.

Reclaimed Antique Pine, 3 ¼” X ¾”, 5’-12’ length – $3.50/sq. ft.

Reclaimed Antique Pine, 2 ¼” X ¾”, 5’-16’ length – $3.50/sq. ft.

Dirty Top Pine, t/g or s3s, 3”-5”- 7” X 5/8”, 3’-11’ lengths – $6.50/sq. ft.

Remilled Antique Pine, 3”-8” X 3/4”-1 3/8”, 3’-11’ lengths – $6.00/sq. ft

Antique Premium Heart Pine, 3’-5”- 7” X 5/8”, 3’-11’ remilled, solid/unfinished – $4.50/sq. ft.


*Delivery to nearest freight terminal or drop off to jobsite curb within 1,500 miles of Dallas, Texas. Farther call for quote. Minimum order may apply.

For more examples of our antique pine wood, click here.

Antique Oak

Antique Oak

Antique Oak Pricing Guide:

Reclaimed Antique Oak, 2/14” X ¾”, 3’ X 11’ lengths – $2.25/sq. ft.

Reclaimed Antique Oak, 7” + , 5/8”, 3’-11’ lengths – Call for price quote

Reclaimed Oak Rift Sawn, 5’-12’ – $10.50

Dirty Top Oak, t/g or s3s, 3”-5”- 7” X 5/8”, 3-11’ lengths – $8.25/sq. ft.

Remilled Ant. Cabin Grade Knotty Oak, 3”-7” X ¾”, 5’-10’ lengths – $ 6.50/sq. ft.

Painted Wood, 3”-5”- 7” X 5/8”, 3’ -11’ lengths – $4.50/sq. ft.

*Delivery to nearest freight terminal or drop off to jobsite curb within 1,500 miles of Dallas, Texas. Farther call for quote. Minimum order may apply.

For more examples of our antique oak wood, click here.

Antique Maple

Antique Maple

For more examples of our antique maple wood, click here

Other Antique Woods

Antique Pecan

Antique Remilled Cabin Grade Pecan, 3”-7” X ¾” X 5-10’ – $6.50/sq. ft.

Antique Walnut

Reclaimed Walnut, 2 ¼” -5” – $8.50

Reclaimed Walnut, 6 1/2”-7 ¾”, 2’-10’  – $11.95

Stair Treads Pine – $60.00 each

Antique Bead Board, ½” X 3 1/8 – $3.00 sq. ft.

Additional wood types and sizes:

Call for other species or custom sizes and orders

Stairs, Walls, and Ceilings




Reclaimed wood can be installed on stairs.


to see more examples click here


Not only does antique wood make excellent flooring, it also makes for stylish walls.

Painted Pine

3″-5″-7″ X 5/8″ X 3′-11′ – $4.50/sqft

Dirty Top Pine

3″-5″-7″ X 5/8″ X 3-11, s3s or t & g – $6.50/sqft

For more examples of walls made of reclaimed wood, click here




Reclaimed wood is very versatile, allowing you to take it rustic elegance from the floor to the ceiling!


for more ceiling examples, click here

Old Texas Wood Furniture

Looking for rustic wood furniture with plenty of character? We offer custom made furniture made from our reclaimed wood.

Click here for more examples


Architectural Salvage

Architectural Salvage

In addition to reclaiming old growth lumber we also do our best to salvage quality items such as bricks, doors, windows, tubs, antique furniture, kitchen cabinets, and sinks.

For currently available items, please click here.


Not only does Old Texas Wood sell a quality product but we also provide a quality installation service. Our installers have over 25 years of experience in the wood flooring installation industry. Installing wood flooring starts with a quality product but the end result is what counts. And we want you to be happy with the end results, so please feel free to ask us about our install service.


Our installations come with a one year workmanship warranty. Technical Sheets for the finishes we uses are available in PDF format: DuraSealSatin and DuraSealMax


Do you have an old house or a building that you want removed? Well Old Texas Wood can take care of it for you. Its not as expensive as you might think. So contact us today to find out more information.

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